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Industrial Screening Equipment

Designed to fit your production needs.

Built for screening efficiency, Wildcat trommel screens were designed by actual operators. The large feed hopper sits low to the ground, so it’s easy to feed material into the screening drum. A large throat opening between the hopper and drum helps minimize material bridging.  

  • Removable side panels expose the full length of the drum screen, providing for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Put the finished product where you need it – loading directly into a truck or stockpiling using the optional radial stacking conveyor that swings a full 200 degrees.
  • Avoid jams because both the drum and feed conveyor are reversible.

Vermeer  trommel screens are also designed to minimize setup time, and with an extensive list of options, can be manufactured to fit your specific needs.

Equipment Model Engine Rating Capacity
125 hp (93.2 kW) @ 2400 rpm, 355 ft-lb (481.3 Nm) of torque @ 1500 rpm
Approximately 200 cu yd (152.9 cu m) per hour with .5" (1.3 cm) screens installed and material with moisture less than 40%