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D60x90 NAVIGATOR® Horizontal Directional Drill


From its conception, the new Vermeer D60x90 Navigator® horizontal directional drill (HDD) was intended to simply do more with in less space. The result is one of the highest power-to-footprint ratios that Vermeer has ever produced in a self-contained HDD.
Powered by a 185 hp (138 kW) Interim Tier 4 (Stage IIIB) John Deere diesel engine, it generates up to 60,000 lb (267 kN) of thrust/pullback and 9000 ft-lb (12,202 Nm). All of this comes within a modest footprint, qualifying the D60x90 for a range of projects, including those in urban settings.

Features and Benefits

  • Customize to your operations with three Firestick® drill rod options. Choose between 10’ (3 m) and 15’ (4.6 m) length configurations of 2.875” (7.3 cm) diameter, or 15’ (4.6 m) lengths of 3.5” (8.9 cm) Firestick drill rod.
  • Removable by releasing two pins and a single latch, the quick-change rod box reduces the need to manually load drill rod. Straightforward and reliable rod loader is inspired by the popular and proven D24x40 Series II design.
  • Monitor key drilling function parameters and DCI locator information on the standard, 7” (17.8 cm) LCD color monitor.
  • Superior Firestick drill stem constructed of Vermeer-specified high-carbon alloy steel features one-piece, forged rods that have been treated for uniform strength and consistent quality.
  • Drill in comfort and protection from the elements by choosing the climate-controlled cab.

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D60x90 NAVIGATOR® Horizontal Directional Drill

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General Dimensions and Weights
Length (Minimum Transport)
792.5 cm
Width (Minimum Transport)
228.6 cm
Width (With Cab, Minimum Transport)
264.2 cm
Height (Minimum Transport)
264.2 cm
Height (With Cab)
264.2 cm
39392 lbs
17867.9 kg
Weight (Cab Option)
39392 lbs
17867.9 kg
Angle of Approach
18 deg
Angle of Departure
18 deg
Make and Model
John Deere 6068HFC94
Fuel Type
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
Maximum Engine RPM
2525 rpm
Idle Speed
800 rpm
Rated RPM
2400 rpm
Gross Horsepower
185 hp
138 kw
Net Horsepower
185 hp
138 kw
Torque (Maximum)
547 ft-lb
741.6 Nm
415 cu-in
6.8 L
Number of Cylinders
Cooling Method
Turbo Charged
Max Fuel Consumption
6.8 gph
25.7 lph
Air Cleaner
EPA Certification Family
Interim Tier 4i (EU Stage IIIB)
Maximum Operating Angle (Fore/Aft)*
Maximum Operating Angle (Left/Right)*
60000 lbs
27215.5 kg
60000 lbs
27215.5 kg
Maximum Carriage Speed at Maximum Engine RPM
175 ft/min
53.3 m/min
Maximum Spindle Torque (Low at Maximum Engine RPM)
9000 ft-lb
12202.4 Nm
Maximum Spindle Torque (Medium at Maximum Engine RPM)
6400 ft-lb
8677.3 Nm
Maximum Spindle Torque (High at Maximum Engine RPM)
3770 ft-lb
5111.4 Nm
Maximum Spindle Speed at Max Engine RPM
200 rpm
Minimum Bore Diameter
12.7 cm
Maximum Ground Drive Speed at Maximum Engine RPM
3.7 mph
6 km/h
Automated Rod Loader
Electrical System
Battery CCA Rating
Battery Group Class
31 P MHD
Fluid Capacities
Fuel Tank
66 gal
249.8 L
Engine Crankcase with Filter
28.4 qt
26.9 L
Hydraulic Tank
60 gal
227.1 L
Hydraulic System
85 gal
321.8 L
Engine Cooling System
13 qt
12.3 L
Antifreeze Tank Capacity
20 gal
75.7 L
Drilling Fluid System Option One
Maximum Flow
150 gpm
567.8 L/min
Maximum Pressure
1200 psi
82.7 bar
Drilling Fluid System Option Two
Maximum Flow
70 gpm
265 L/min
Maximum Pressure
1200 psi
82.7 bar
Breakout System
Open Top Vise
Drilling Lights
Flow Indicator
Stakedown System
Strike Alert
Remote Lockout
Operator Presence

D60x90 NAVIGATOR® Horizontal Directional Drill

Locating Systems

Locating Systems

Electronic locating devices are used to guide a drilling tool along a prescribed path consisting of a shallow arc when using horizontal directional drilling to install utilities such as telecommunicaties, power, water, sewer, gas, oil, product pipelines and environmental remediation casings.

Vermeer and Digital Control Incorporated (DCI) help keep you on the leading edge of technology by offering a variety of locating options designed to meet the needs of varying applications. For more information regarding locating systems, visit the DCI website.

Atlas Bore Planner

Vermeer ATLAS BORE PLANNER® bore planning software system is your key to increased productivity. Designed to work with a wide range of locating systems, the patent-pending ATLAS BORE PLANNER software helps contractors, engineers, and utility companies get the job done right the first time. The ATLAS BORE PLANNER software increases boring accuracy by providing a graphic visualization of the job, helping a crew see and perform the job from start to finish.

By choosing drill stem diameter and length, desired bore path depth, desired minimum cover, diameter and allowable bend radius of the product pipe, the software plots a proposed bore path. The bore path is provided in two formats, one screen showing a top and side view, the other showing a report that lists the numerical depth and pitch of each drill stem.

Download a FREE 15 day trial now!

To purchase the Atlas Bore Planner software, please contact your local dealer.


Windows XP and Windows 7 compatible.