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VR1224 Carted Wheel Rake

Wheel Rake | Vermeer VR1224

The VR1224 carted wheel rake gives you the capacity, strength and wide-stance balance and posture you need for a heavy diet of hay, starting with the very first cutting. This ruggedly reliable rake cruises across the landscape to get you in and out of the field fast. The VR1224 can be easily adjusted for single- or double-sided raking, and a uniquely designed center splitter attachment option improves windrow dry down and moisture content balance. The telescoping toolbar can be easily adjusted to set the windrow width to fit the intake of your baler.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily adjustable windrow width to conveniently fit the intake of your baler.
  • Patented rubber torsion suspension ensures clean hay and extends tooth life.
  • Single- or double-sided raking is quick, convenient and easy.
  • Uniquely designed center splitter attachment helps balance windrow moisture content and improves dry-down.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.

Download Specs

VR1224 Carted Wheel Rake

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Dimensions and Weights
Raking Width - Minimum
6.1 m
Raking Width - Maximum
7.4 m
Windrow Width - Minimum
53.3 cm
Windrow Width - Maximum
248.9 cm
Transport Width
3.1 m
Transport Length
7 m
Transport Height
31.1 m
Weight - Total
1812 lbs
821.9 kg
Weight - Tongue
230 lbs
104.3 kg
Tractor Requirements
30 hp
22.4 kw
Hydraulics - Type
One double acting
Hydraulic Pressure
1500 psi
103.4 bar
Hydraulic - Flow Rate
5 gpm
18.9 L/min
Standard Details
Rake Style
Carted V-rake
Rake Wheel - Quantity
Rake Wheel - Diameter
139.7 cm
Rake Wheel - Hubs
Tapered roller bearings
Rake Wheel - Teeth per Wheel
Rake Wheel Tooth Diameter
.7 cm
Transport Wheels - Size
Transport Wheels - Qty
Hitch Jack
Single Side Raking
Standard left or right side capable
Speed - Maximum
14 mph
22.5 km/h
Optional Features
Central Kicker
Single windrow splitting wheel available
Safety Chain