InSite™ Asset Management

Make a real impact on your business. There’s no doubt your work challenges are mounting, but with the first tool from the InSite productivity tools suite – InSite Asset Management System – you now have the data you need to help you make key business decisions, whether you have a fleet of one or a fleet of 100.


Fleet Advantage
Check your fleet’s location, monitor machine utilization and track fuel consumption over the life of your machine. What does all this data do for you? It simply enables you to make better decisions for your business – every day.

Health Advantage
Monitor and manage machine health and keep your equipment performing more reliably than you ever thought possible with the InSite Asset Management System. The interface provides key alerts and the health data you need to manage your workflow better.

Access Anywhere
Access the user-friendly InSite interface anywhere – in your office and on-the-go – and get key information on each machine in your fleet on your smartphone, tablet or PC. You now have the data you need to make key business decisions at your fingertips – whether it’s 8 a.m. or 10 p.m.

Manage Your Fleet. Asset Management, the first tool available in the InSite productivity tools suite, provides key machine information which can be used to manage your fleet and your cost-of-operation.


Machine Location
Get eyes on your fleet even when you’re working miles away. Prevent equipment theft with InSite geo-fencing data, and track machine movements across your entire fleet.

Machine Utilization
The Asset Management System reporting functions allow you to track operator efficiency and machine productivity over the course of a machine’s lifetime. Monitor working and idle hours so you can get the most out of your machine.

Maintenance Milestones
You never need to miss another planned preventive maintenance milestone, as the InSite interface sends you alerts when service needs to be performed, keeping your fleet in tiptop shape, and helping you to lower your overall cost-of-operation.

Monitor Machine Health. Throughout the markets we serve, Vermeer is known for the dependability of our equipment, but we decided it was time to take it a step further. When it comes to keeping your equipment running reliably and productively, there’s no room for anything but the best. Simply put, you need your equipment to run efficiently, no matter what.


Plan Your Maintenance Better
Check up on the health of your machine proactively rather than reactively. You can even log self-performed maintenance into the interface to better track maintenance costs over the life of your machine.

Get Alerts On-The-Go
Access the interface via mobile device so you can make machine decisions – wherever you are. If you’re in your truck, on another jobsite or at home – take the pulse of your fleet without having to make a phone call.

Manage Your Workflow
Work stoppages are no longer inevitable. You can manage your workflow and plan for your machines’ next checkups better due to the level of visibility the InSite interface offers on the health of Vermeer equipment in your fleet.


Why did Vermeer develop InSite™ Asset Management?

We wanted to provide you the ability to receive real-time machine data so you can make informed decisions, which may increase your productivity in a variety of ways.

Can this technology be retrofitted on older equipment?

At this time, a retroactive solution is not available, but it is being considered.

Why should I want to use the InSite interface?

When asset owners like you have quick, constant access to health, fleet and performance data on your Vermeer equipment, you can plan more proactively and become more strategic when making key business decisions and react more quickly to sudden changes in your fleet.

When will this product be available and where?

InSite Asset Management will be available worldwide on select Vermeer models beginning fall of 2013. Please contact your local Vermeer dealer for more information.


You now have the data you need to make key business decisions, prevent equipment theft with InSite geo-fencing data, monitor working and idle hours, keep up on planned preventive maintenance milestones and track machine movements across your entire fleet.

Whether you are in your office or on-the-go you can get information on each machine in your fleet by logging into the user-friendly InSite Asset Management interface below.