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SW2500 Bale Wrapper

Enrubanneuse de balles | Vermeer SW2500

The exclusive Vermeer SW2500 Silage Wrapper quickly surrounds your bales in protective plastic film, maintaining a high level of protein content. Your bale’s nutritional quality remains high, lowering the need to use protein additives. Handles bales up to 5'/1.5 m in diameter and 2,500 lbs/1136 kg.

Caractéristiques et avantages

  • Harvest when you need to based on optimal crop maturity, weather and other scheduling considerations.
  • Reduces damage and loss of dry matter and nutritious leaves.
  • Easy to operate – just load the bale and the machine will spin and turn it until the bale is completely wrapped and sealed in plastic film.
  • Store bales anywhere. Individual bales can be moved to offsite feeding or storage areas.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.

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Longueur de transport
30.7 cm
Hauteur de transport
18.4 cm
Largeur de transport
15.9 cm
Caractéristiques techniques
Type hydraulique
Une paire de prises auxiliaires
Débit hydraulique - minimum
15 litres/min
Réglage de pression
1500 psi
103.4 bar
Dimensions des pneus
52 cm x 20,3 cm x 25,4 cm, 10 PR
Barre d’attelage
Étireur de film
Poids de la balle - maximum
2500 lbs
1134 kg
Largeur de la balle
1,5 m Ronde
Dispositifs en option
Phares de route