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Hay Rakes

Hay Rakes | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

There’s no trick to achieving faster dry down and tightly rolled bales that preserve quality, shed water and transport easily. All you need are the right tools. It’s a cinch to form the windrows for bales with one of the Vermeer exclusive hay rakes. Vermeer offers more options, so you can find the rake that fits your operation: twin basket rakes, high-capacity crop-driven wheel rakes, rotary rakes and carted rakes. Built rugged to last, all models have feature after feature to help reduce the work of haying.

Equipment Model Raking (Maximum) Minimum Horsepower Required
18' (5.5 m)
20 hp (14.9 kw)
23' (7 m)
35 hp (26.1 kw)
28' (8.5 m)
70 hp (52.2 kw)
19' (5.8 m)
30 hp (22.4 kw)
22.6' (6.9 m)
30 hp (22.4 kw)
24.4' (7.4 m)
30 hp (22.4 kw)
28' (8.5 m)
40 hp (29.8 kw)
  • Vermeer VR Series Wheel Rakes | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

    It's a simple fact ... the better you rake, the better you bale. That means shaping the best possible baler-ready windrows to attain the best possible moisture level and consistency, top-to-bottom and side-to-side. Demand for high-production hay harvesting continues to grow each year. Many hay producers face the challenge of managing larger farms with fewer operators in the midst of varying weather conditions. Because of that, Vermeer has spent the last decade reshaping and reengineering its full line of high-capacity and carted wheel rakes (VR Series). Our focus and solutions are inspired by four key objectives -- high-capacity performance, speed, durability and operator conveniences.

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  • Vermeer Corporation and Kubota Canada Ltd. Announce Retail Financing Agreement

    Vermeer Corporation unveiled an agreement with Kubota Canada Ltd. that offers Vermeer Forage Solutions Dealers in Canada the opportunity to sell forage equipment with retail financing provided by Kubota Canada Ltd.

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