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The right training makes all the difference.

The more an operator knows about Vermeer equipment, the more productivity and efficiency that operator can achieve on the job. 

Vermeer provides a full range of training so that you can be sure that you and any other operators on your crew know how to use Vermeer machinery to its fullest advantage. Contact your Vermeer dealer today or read below to learn more about specific training opportunities. 


HDD Operator Training

Today’s horizontal directional drill (HDD) jobsites are more challenging than ever. That’s why having skilled operators on the job can make a real impact in your operation’s safety awareness and productivity. Whether you have brand new employees or want to cross-train existing crew members, Vermeer is here with an industry-leading HDD training program that will help you get a better return on your equipment investment.


We know how important your employees are to your operation. Use training from Vermeer to make them the best. Here's the Vermeer difference:


  • Courses on planning, locating and completing real world bores

  • Instruction by experienced drilling experts

  • Mix of classroom and hands-on training at our facility

  • Access to a variety of Vermeer and industry-leading HDD equipment, such as DCI® locators


For more information and to reserve your spot in upcoming sessions, please contact

Vermeer launches HDD Operator Training. Learn more.