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Get better results and fewer maintenance issues with Vermeer disc mowers.

Disc Mowers | Vermeer Hay Equipment

Vermeer improved the standard design for disc mowers with innovations that produce high cutting performance while reducing maintenance needs. Each one features a bi-shaft design with each disc self-contained and pre-packed with its own set of gears, bearings and lubricants to increase operating life. Add in heavier cutting discs, super-sized skid shoes and other features, and you’ve got a disc mower that gets the job done.

Equipment Model Cutting Width Drawbar Horsepower
81" (205.7 cm)
45 hp (33.6 kw)
94" (238.8 cm)
60 hp (44.7 kw)
110" (279.4 cm)
70 hp (52.2 kw)
126" (320 cm)
80 hp (59.7 kw)
  • 40 Series, 3 Point Disc Mowers from Vermeer

    Oftentimes, it’s pretty easy to overlook the little differences in the performance and reliability of a standard 3-point disc mower. When you experience better results, more reliability and fewer maintenance issues with Vermeer disc mowers, it can make a big difference in the end. Start with the frame and you’ll find a more compact design with strong reinforced outer bar support on the end. This allows you to cut much closer to fences compared to other designs. Tapered low-profile cutter units give you great cutting action, reduce the chance of streaking and improve performance across a wide variety of crops and conditions. This disc mower features a tapered, low profile cutter bar for closer cutting. Heavy-duty cutting discs for added strength and easy-to-service bi-shaft design. It also features a heavy-duty, reinforced gearbox housing and wide skid shoes; offering better protection for the cutter bar.

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  • Vermeer Honored with Third Consecutive NAEDA Dealer’s Choice Award

    Vermeer Corporation has been named “Dealer’s Choice” in the Ag/Shortline Manufacturer category for the third consecutive year by the North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA). The Dealer Choice Awards are based on results from NAEDA’s Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey, given annually to equipment dealers throughout the country.

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