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Hay Rakes

Hay Rakes | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

There’s no trick to achieving faster dry down and tightly rolled bales that preserve quality, shed water and transport easily. All you need are the right tools. It’s a cinch to form the windrows for bales with one of the Vermeer exclusive hay rakes. Vermeer offers more options, so you can find the rake that fits your operation: twin basket rakes, high-capacity crop-driven wheel rakes, rotary rakes and carted rakes. Built rugged to last, all models have feature after feature to help reduce the work of haying.

Equipment Model Raking (Maximum) Minimum Horsepower Required
18' (5.5 m)
20 hp (14.9 kw)
23' (7 m)
35 hp (26.1 kw)
28' (8.5 m)
70 hp (52.2 kw)
19' (5.8 m)
30 hp (22.4 kw)
22.6' (6.9 m)
30 hp (22.4 kw)
24.4' (7.4 m)
30 hp (22.4 kw)
28' (8.5 m)
40 hp (29.8 kw)
40' (12.2 m)
60 hp (44.7 kw)
  • Why I Switched to Vermeer, Wyoming Edition | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

    Jerry Kuhbacher has owned a few Vermeer twin rakes in his day, and every time he trades one back his dealer just about meets him dollar for dollar on the original sale price. So when Jerry made the move from 16' to 18' heads and needed a rake with more capacity, it’s no wonder he switched to the Vermeer R2800, which offers 28' raking width and 8.5' transport. And that’s why Jerry switched to Vermeer. See Jerry’s full story and more, or schedule a Vermeer demo today: VERMEERDEMO.COM

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  • Vermeer Honored with Third Consecutive NAEDA Dealer’s Choice Award

    Vermeer Corporation has been named “Dealer’s Choice” in the Ag/Shortline Manufacturer category for the third consecutive year by the North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA). The Dealer Choice Awards are based on results from NAEDA’s Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey, given annually to equipment dealers throughout the country.

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