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TE170 Tedder

Tedder | Vermeer TE170

Get faster dry down with the “bottoms up” action of the TE170 Tedder. The exclusive Vermeer hooked double tines work together, picking up the drier material on the surface while flipping the wetter material on top, gently separating lumps. Built low for added stability when tedding on slopes, the TE170 is ideal for smaller operation, with a sturdy, compact design that folds hydraulically to a narrow transport width.

Features and Benefits

  • Adjust rotor angles without tools to match crop and field conditions, using the wheel settings under the rotors.
  • Work along fences and field edges by setting the tines to the inner position to feed the crop directly behind the machine.
  • Keep working, not wrapping thanks to the Vermeer anti-wrap plates and curved wheel supports that keep the crop from wrapping around the wheels.
  • Protect your investment. Vermeer “hook” tines are the only ones in the industry with a 3-year limited warranty.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.

Download Specs

TE170 Tedder

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Dimensions and Weights - Approximate
Transport Height
259.1 cm
Transport Width
274.3 cm
1410 lbs
639.6 kg
Tire Size - Transport
16 x 6.5-8 - 6ply
Tractor Requirements
Horsepower Requirements
34 hp
25.4 kw
Hydraulic Pressure
2100 psi
144.8 bar
Hook up
Standard Drawbar Clevis
Hydraulic Tilt Kit
Replaces manual crank for basket tilt