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Calculate the difference between NetWrap and Twine.

If you’re still relying on twine for your round bales, you owe it to yourself to compare how much you might be able to save by switching to NetWrap. Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll calculate your potential savings.

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Cost per Bale
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Wrapping Time (seconds)

When comparing Twine vs. Net And Consider Differences in
The cost per bale difference is $0.00
The time per bale difference is 0.0 sec
Time Savings
Bale Appearance
Reduced Machine Wear
Bale Storage
Transport Advantages
Resale Value
The costs calculated by this calculator are only estimates. The actual amounts will vary based upon your conditions, maintenance, operator experience, bale preparation and other factors. This is only a tool for estimating. Actual costs may vary.