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  • 04-May-2016 BW5500 Bale Wrapper

    This BW5500 inline bale wrapper from Vermeer is designed to give large volume hay operators and custom operators fast wrapping times and more operational control. The three plastic film pre-stretchers on the BW5500 helps increase wrapping speed over machines with only two pre-stretchers. A digital controller allows the operator to apply a consistent number of wraps on bales with automation that consistently adjusts the wrap settings for environmental variations.

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  • 21-Apr-2016 Why I Switched to Vermeer, Indiana Edition | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

    Steve Riley’s old baler wasn’t rugged enough to handle the heavy, wet hay common in southern Indiana, as it topped out at 2 mph before plugging. Then he demoed a Vermeer 504 PRO baler. Even with humungous windrows of heavy green hay, Steve was running as high as 8.3 mph at maximum density settings, kicking out bale after bale without plugging. And that’s why Steve Riley switched to Vermeer. See Steve’s full story and more at, or schedule a Vermeer demo today.

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  • 21-Apr-2016 Why I Switched to Vermeer, New York Edition | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

    Phil Johnson has tried all sorts of mowers. But none offered the increased productivity (18-ft cutting width), narrow transport (8.5 ft), improved flexibility and ground contouring (split cutter bar), and lower horsepower requirements (95 hp compared to 140 hp on competitive models) of the Vermeer TM1400 trailed mower. And that’s why Phil Johnson switched to Vermeer. See Phil’s full story and more, or schedule a Vermeer demo today: VERMEERDEMO.COM

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