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AXIS guided boring system designed for precise on-grade installations

System can install both rigid-constructed, as well as fusible- and restrained-joint product pipe


Underground contractors now have a new option for the on-grade trenchless installation of sewer and water lines. The AXIS GB812 guided boring system from Vermeer is a pit-launched, laser-guided system that can achieve pinpoint, on-grade accuracy, and its versatile design allows for flexible installation options.

“Installation of on-grade sewer and water projects requires precision and accuracy and has often been viewed to be tedious, labor-intensive and expensive using traditional methods,” says John Milligan with Vermeer Corporation. “Some of the current trenchless methods are designed to achieve the extreme accuracy needed for this kind of work; however, they lack the productivity needed to compete with the open-cut method.”

The GB812 is designed to install 10- to 14-inch (25.4 to 35.6 cm) pipe at lengths up to 350 feet (106.7 m) and is ideal for manhole-to-manhole installations. A unique advantage of the system is its ability to push or pull in product pipe, which gives it the ability to install both rigid-constructed, as well as fusible- and restrained-joint, product pipe.