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Vermeer to offer the CCX770 cob harverster


Vermeer Corporation, a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment will offer a limited number of CCX770 cob harvesters to North American farmers for the 2009 harvest season. The CCX770 Cob Harvester is designed to tow directly behind select corn harvesting combines to collect and unload cobs.  It is a wagon-style cob collection system manufactured at Vermeer headquarters in Pella, Iowa.

"Cob harvesting is an emerging market progressive farmers who look for an opportunity to expand their revenue stream, should consider as part of their harvest strategy," states Jay Van Roekel Vermeer Product Manager. Vermeer has manufactured agricultural and construction equipment for more than 60 years. "We're right in the middle of corn country, thus developing and testing prototypes has been good for our engineering team. The CCX770 is another well-built, durable, technology driven piece of equipment from Vermeer," states, VanRoekel.

The Vermeer CCX770 is a self-contained unit. Farmers use a bolt-on hitch that is added to the combine to connect the CCX770. As a result, it makes switching from crop to crop easy and timely. Because the CCX770 has its own engine, it minimizes undue stress on qualified combines.

The new Vermeer CCX770 cob harvester includes the patented separation system which redistributes leaves and husks back to the soil for a sustainable approach to harvest agricultural biomass. The CCX770 offers flexible unloading capabilities from 9'7" to 15'6" maximum dump height to unload cobs into high-box semi trailers or wagons. The CCX770 holds up to 8,000 pounds (3629 kg) of material per load and unloads in approximately 90 seconds.

Corn cobs are far from being an unknown commodity. There are many opportunities for the use of corn cobs outside of cellulosic ethanol production, such as livestock feed supplement for mixed rations, livestock and pet animal bedding, blending cobs with coal to co-generate electricity, gasification to create several types of energy for industrial processes, and other industrial applications including construction materials, abrasives and absorbents.