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Nearly the entire Plant 6 team responsible for bringing this RT950 to life got the chance to wish our troops well and extend thanks for their service!

United States Military Utilizes Vermeer RT950


When the United States Marine Corp found the need to bury telecommunication lines from the battlefront back to Camp Dwyer in the southern Afghan province of Helmand, they called Vermeer.  After inquiries and a list of specifications, the Vermeer team responded by producing a RT950 shipped with a backhoe, rock wheel and trencher attachments.  The equipment was painted Marine Tactical Tan; the same color we have become accustomed to seeing on military equipment and vehicles being used in the middle east campaigns.  The military has purchased many RT950’s over the past several years, but this is the first one that they have specified to be painted tan.  

Senior Global Accounts Manager Jay Sunderman shares his enthusiasm for the military utilizing Vermeer equipment, “Over the past several years, Vermeer has shipped RT950's to U.S. military installations literally all over the world.  It should give us all a sense of pride knowing that what we do here in Pella is helping our troops get their jobs done at home and abroad.”