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QuickFire connection system offers fast and efficient tooling connection

Coarse thread design allows makeup in fewer turns


Vermeer has introduced the QuickFire™ connection system for use in horizontal directional drilling applications.

“The new QuickFire connection system was born from our industry-leading Firestick® drill stem design,” says Chris Fontana, cutting-edge sales manager for Vermeer. “The proven thread profile used in Firestick, has become the industry standard for a high-quality, consistent and reliable tool joint on drill stem for over 15 years.”

The QuickFire connection system uses a coarse, tapered and robust thread, designed for quick makeup and flexibility. Connections can be completed with as few as four turns compared to most connection systems that typically require 15 turns, providing for fast and efficient tooling changes in the field. The coarse thread design also helps prevent cross-threading, stripped or damaged threads.

The patent-pending design features stress release grooves on both male and female end components. Another unique design feature is the use of two large lands where the bending load is absorbed, not in the thread profile as typically observed in other connection systems.

Manufactured from 4140 alloy steel in a state-of-the-art machining facility located at Vermeer, the alloy steel is subjected to a heat treatment process that is unique to the industry and helps provide through hardness of the tool enhancing overall wear characteristics. An octagon collar design is used for ease of flat alignment and the QuickFire connection system is available in multiple sizes for machine sizes up to 5000 pounds (6779 Nm) of torque.