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Vermeer joins Popular Science magazine in celebrating Block Press technology


Vermeer congratulates Dwell Earth LLC for recognition of the Block Press in Popular Science magazine’s December 2013 issue. Popular Science named the BP714 Block Press to the Best of What’s New innovations of 2013. Dwell Earth’s Block Press, which converts dirt into blocks used for building construction, merges innovative technologies with building solutions that impact lives around the world.
"For more than a quarter century, Popular Science has devoted its December issue to the year's most remarkable innovations. The Best of What's New Awards is our magazine's top honor, and the 100 awardees are selected from a pool of thousands,” said Cliff Ransom, Executive Editor of Popular Science. “Each winner is handpicked and revolutionary in its own way. Whether they're poised to change the world or simply your living room, the Best of What's New awardees challenge us to the see the future in a new light." 
The BP714 Block Press, originally engineered by Vermeer Corporation, aligned with the company’s focus on principles and its philosophy of giving back to people and communities in a progressing world. With additional support from the Vermeer Charitable Foundation and Dwell Earth, the Block Press was soon providing innovative building solutions globally.
Due to the unique support needs for the Block Press, Dwell Earth assumed marketing rights to the Block Press in the fall of 2012. Dwell Earth and a new manufacturing alliance with Cemen Tech in Indianola, Iowa, have made great strides bringing Block Press technology to a growing market worldwide. The Block Press remains available through the Vermeer industrial dealer network, and Vermeer commends Dwell Earth and the Block Press for Popular Science recognition.
“This product is yet another testimony to the innovative, engineering capabilities of Vermeer, and the vision with Dwell Earth to create personal impact on lives,” said Terry Butler, early project manager with Vermeer. “Congratulations to Dwell Earth for the Best of What’s New recognition, as they continue to conserve natural resources and energy, and create jobs around the globe.”
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